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    Software of LOGIX 6000fta

    WARNNING WARNNING nobody work whit star sat software coze maybe the flash of the reciver die.
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    Software of LOGIX 6000fta

    hi i have lgi-6000fta when i upgrade whit starsat 120,130,150plus i recive err.03 please help me
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    sr-x 120-130-150D 4000ch zip -1M

    i have srx190d how can upgrade it? thanks
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    fullx-1 & full-x 2

    hi how can i open full1&2 on superlazer15000 new ? please help me
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    Lazer 2003 Fta

    hi i have a lazer 2003fta, when i power on it s show error 000 can you help me??????///