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    Digital TV without subscription

    Are you on commission from Pace? ;)
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    This gave the best test results in southern Spain: AP8-TW "Universal LNB 0.6dB with C120 flange fitting, screws and gasket. Ideal for use in fringe areas where Sky Digital reception is a problem."
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    Regarding VERY big dishes: It's important to realise that a BIG dish will swamp the LNB with a STRONG signal from the south beam. When this occurs, the signal from 2D will effectively disappear. What you should try to do is to align the dish for the best signal quality from 2D at around 7pm...
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    Sky Digital Reception in Crete

    This is absolutely right but if he's on a tight budget and doesn't mind missing a couple of dozen channels, he could get away with, say, 1.8 metres or less. Depends very much on the type of dish and LNB and on the alignment of both. Also on the Sky Digibox which should be a Panasonic TU-DSB30...
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    Second sub Different address

    I prefer to keep my clothes on but you can "bare" it all if you wish. :rolleyes: Awaiting your upload with bated breath but can we have it in plain text or PDF since MS Word is notorious for "worm macro viruses"?
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    sky cinema

    Read this thread: Your problem could be caused by lots of things. Help us narrow it down. Martin
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    Unanswered requests for help

    I handle a lot of enquiries each day by e-mail (and I also moderate another forum which shall remain nameless). So I can tell you from experience that some posts are ignored because: 1. They are not understandable. Try to type in English and use punctuation correctly, check spelling and...
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    Weird faults - faulty capacitors

    I mentioned this in the Sky Digital section but it really belongs here. Are you suffering from unexplained problems on your PC? It could be a capacitor manufacturing fault which is explained here: And this page gives details of Pee Cee mother board...
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    Free to view channels not all working!

    I'd like to thank Zansi for pointing to our SatCure web site. We specialise in kits and fault information for Digiboxes. I'm pleased that it solved Snowy's problem (and I congratulate him on a successful soldering job). Maybe we should be sponsoring this forum ;) Out of interest, it's not...
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    Sky Free to air receivers

    All Sky Digital receivers within the Astra2 footprint can get all the FTA channels and (with a card) the FTV channels. NO other receiver can get the FTV channels. None. Nada.
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    Horizontal versus Vertical on 2D

    This is really difficult to explain without the pictures of the various signal spectra. See my other topic for more information: Sky Digital in southern Europe
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    "No Signal" Pace 2500B Digibox

    There are lots of causes for the "no satellite signal" symptom. Apart from replacing a dud LNB and a knackered tuner, there's not much you can do in the way of DIY repair. My friend, Michael, just invested £4000 *just* for desoldering equipment! You could send it to him for repair: Digibox...
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    Dish size?????????

    Yes, I've seen the zone 2 minidish on the Satalogue web site but I don't think it was cheap. LNB supplied with it. Supposed to work really well.
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    Using the Remote to view Sky on RF

    This is old information. I put it on my web page over a year ago. See for a list of Sky Digibox remote codes and setting-up sequences Martin Hmm, that seems a bit slow to load right now. Here's the mirror page:
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    satellite amp

    Actually, the problem lies with the lack of tuner s-e-l-e-c-t-i-v-i-t-y. Basically, that relates to its ability to winkle out a weak signal while it is being swamped by a much stronger signal on a nearby frequency. So an amplifier doesn't usually help as it simply makes the strong signal even...