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    Introducing Myself

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    What do we reckon to this dodgy petrol then

    Looks more like a case of what might have been left out = additives :eek: for biodiesel Marts :)
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    You have to think yourself lucky .. we don't have parking charges here :-rofl2
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    Four Legs and a Quack Quack

    With a quack quack here .. a quack quack there .. everywhere a QUACK QUACK
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    clanzers build 5 windows software

    Welcome to the the board philbo .. a Google will bring up many options for clanzer ;) Marts :)
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    Remote Control Inventor Dies

    Bloody menace they are. When one reaches my age you have to mark em in order to know which does what and where :confused: Marts :-rofl2
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    Ling from

    Intolerent bloody local councils :-slaphead
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    Ever Wondered What a Site

    Looks like when shut down for copyright infringement ? _ _ Marts :)
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    Install Vista in less than 2 minutes

    Best thing for it too Dig .. until it's been on the market for a year .. and all it's teething problems are sorted ROFLMAO :-rofl2
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    Snow on it's way in the uk

    Send some ovver ear. Snow that is. Just had the warmest January on record, and February is looking to be the same. I normally fill our swimming pool in May. Might be doing it in March at this rate LOL :eek: Marts
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    I'm pissed with Rapidshare! Period!!!!!

    Best use the link (Search Engine) I posted in Sleepy Hollow Moo :)
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    Don't Burn Women Alive

    Immigrants wishing to live in a small Canadian town have been told they must not stone women to death in public, burn them alive or throw acid on them. ARTICLE Marts :confused:
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    Before U load Vista

    Most of the top comp sites are recommending home users to wait at least six months before installing Vista. No different than purchasing a new model car .. allow the teething problems to be sorted first :) tho I doubt there will be any problems with Vista :-rofl2
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    The oops list

    Nice one .. right up my street .. thanks
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    Our New Home

    LOL .. I wish .. one very talented guy tho