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    Help choosing a new receiver

    The £100 budget looks a bit light for that spec! Have a look at the Technomate range and see how many boxes can be ticked at the that price. Personally I would put network connectivity a little higher up the list for an element of future-proofing.
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    Recieving Euro satellite Adult channels legal in UK?

    <<I suspect you just took a chance to air your views on homosexuality.>> The intention was to illustrate what I thought was an example of government hypocrisy. Clearly I missed the target and will return to only commenting on technical matters in future.
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    DAB radio a God send

    There is plenty of digital radio on satellite and via the internet. I am all in favour of DAB but until I can get a simple set to use when travelling for under a tenner FM will do me fine! Most people do not see a cost/benefit which is the main reason for it being slow to catch on.
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    Recieving Euro satellite Adult channels legal in UK?

    take a look at melonfarmers dot co dot uk to get a feel for the current state of censorship in the UK. From 26/1/09 possession (not distribution) becomes a crime. consider also that the government have given legal rights to minority groups who actually base their relationship on anal s_x!!
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    Spanish TV - what CAM ? what is PowerVu?

    TVEi Channel 795 is Spanish enough for me! The newsreaders are very attractive too..... Meldrew
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    Spanish TV - what CAM ? what is PowerVu?

    I hardly dare mention this but you can get RTE1 on Sky...... Meldrew
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    Remember the 6 in 1 ?!

    P. S. I still have my Pace MSS 200!! Meldrew
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    Remember the 6 in 1 ?!

    Thought as much! I need to move on in a simple sort of way and assume that a patchable receiver is easier than trying to program a CAM all the time. Can you recommend an idiot proof patchable box. My interst is football and I am already amazed at how much is FTA with a cheap dish motor. Its a...
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    Remember the 6 in 1 ?!

    just wondering if there is any life left in a 6 in 1 Funcard or has the World moved on - The names Mach1, Xamuh and DaveM come to mind - are there any useful files our there? Meldrew
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    Help with NavMan

    I have a F20 which is a real PITA to get started! There are service packs available (try Google) but you may also need the connectivity kit which you have to pay for. Surprised the program is not downloadable anywhere.
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    Recommend an ADSL router

    Try dsldepot if nothing else for a cheap spare Speedtouch or Netgear. I bought a Netgear to play with and its still connected at 8Mbs 3000 hours later! Firewall is useful for blocking ad sites altough somtimes it blocks a site with ads altogether but can easily have the blocking turned on and...
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    Norton NIS Subscription Renewal Dilema

    My main gripe over Norton is the cost but I recently got a new three user NIS 2008 from Amazon for under £20. Seems unobtrusive and causes no trouble. On the basis of "devil you know" I will probably stay with it but prices are more variable than bank shares on the stock exchange!
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    Tin Whiskers

    I read about this in a copy of today's Guardian left on my train home from work. My solder is now over 50 years old but in short supply!
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    Technomate 5500CI Problems!

    Thanks for above suggestions. I think the sound problem is a dodgy double scart socket so will investigate further. I also deleted the astra and hotbird channels (there is just SO much rubbish) and am currently investigating Hispasat. Hopefully I might find someting Spanish!!
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    Nearly There, couple of things

    Hope this does not confuse! I set up a motor last weekend and it seems reasonably OK. My learning curve included: - You have to set an angle on BOTH the motor and dish brackets. - After connecting to Hotbird I adjusted the dish elevation manually for a stronger signal quality. - The motor itself...