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    ZENEGA CD -1002S software needed for Dish TV India

    hi nictus Thanks a lot for the info you have given. I want the loader software which you may be having can you plese help me in this regards. Yes i agree with you 100% the legality of this software is questionable. I am waiting to see it being challenged in a court. Again my request i need...
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    How to transfer Back up of STB to PC

    Hi Tom, Can you please send the download software of handan to me. Pleeeeeaaaase. Thanks in advance
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    ZENEGA CD -1002S software needed for Dish TV India

    Hi all, As i understand the zmodem filre transfer on hyperterm, the process goes like this. 1. You have to set up hyperterm to receive file over zmodem. ( to do this follow steps exactly as given by Tom Robert.) after doing this hyperterm will wait for the file coming from the receiver. 2...
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    software for zenega cd1002s

    hi, I want software (version 1.03) for my zenega CD1002s receiver. The OEM for the receiver seems to be handan ( Any information about software is welcome. thanks