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    Bigger Dish, Worse Signal Quality

    A larger dish should increase your signal quality, slightly, if aligned correctly, and depending on the quality of the LNB. Have you called the engineer and explained your problem?
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    Advice Needed Prime Focus sectional 1.8

    Please check the interactive map, in Analoguesat's signature: Analoguesat's Astra 2E UK reception reports Most English channels now use the UK Spot beam, and if you click on the icons, in the map, like Villaverde, in Seville, he can't get the spot beam on a 2.4M dish. Click on icons, in the...
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    More & Bigger Adverts!

    I switched from Google to Bing, so I'm just seeing 2 adverts, currently the one at the top for Adobe, one at the bottom for Moonpig, both just normal banner advertisements, not that big.
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    Setting Dish for UK TV: Caravan in France/Spain

    In Europe you want to use a transponder on the Europe/KU beam: You could try Movies For Men on 11171 H 22000
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    Strange USALS Behaviour

    How many satellites have you checked? Try using William-1's strongest transponder list, to search for satellites: Just Sharing This - Strongest transponders
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    Advice Needed Killing a weeping willow

    Could be very bad advice, a dead tree, especially of that size, can be very dangerous, it requires competent, trained, people, to cut it down, and dispose of it. If it damages neighbouring property, or people, you could be liable.
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    Mail expenses

    I always check parcel2go:
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    Newbie Here Motor sends dish too far west for satellite

    Dishpointer approximately lists Peterborough at Latitude 52.97, Longitude -0.24, which equates to 0.24 West. Therefore, as you have stated, your dish should hardly move West, 0.6-0.8 degrees, at most. It could be the connections, the cable, the motor, or the receiver, causing the problem. As...
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    Advice Needed Enigma2 With Motorised Twin LNB and Fixed 28.2 dish.

    I set the preferred tuner option, to the tuner not connected to my v-boxII.
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    PCB mount VGA socket needed

    You could always check the local tip, you'd be amazed at the number of televisions, some reasonably new, that are thrown away, and now they have to be stored, in a building, ready for proper disposal. Also check any local repair shops, our local telecentre has quite a few useful spare parts, and...
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    Advice Needed What is best

    Some Oscam configurations don't work, I know of a couple of modified Oscam files, that do work, but the main viewers, people abroad, who can no longer pick up UK channels, on Astra 2, due to the change over to the UK Spot beam, seem to prefer the Technomate receivers, or other simple receivers...
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    Advice Needed What is best

    They are the BBC, and other English channels. RustySpoons, to open them you need the latest BISS keys, also you might need to edit the PIDS, to get the Audio working. I have read of them opening using an Oscam-Emu cam, on E2 receivers, like the VU+, but there are other receivers, that seem to be...
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    Help Required PC Problem

    To confirm a hardware problem, and not software related, try booting up in safe mode, which doesn't load the drivers, and see if it runs for any length of time, preferably overnight. Why have you only got 60GB of space left on your hard drive? How old is the PC and what Operating System are you...
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    Advice Needed Can you keep your Sky email when you leave ?

    My sky email addresses are still working, even though I switched from Sky broadband, a few years ago, never been a Sky satellite subscriber.
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    Bill Maynard dies aged 89

    I don't watch any soap operas, so I remember him in the comedy The Gaffer: