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    Help Required PC Problem

    To confirm a hardware problem, and not software related, try booting up in safe mode, which doesn't load the drivers, and see if it runs for any length of time, preferably overnight. Why have you only got 60GB of space left on your hard drive? How old is the PC and what Operating System are you...
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    Advice Needed Can you keep your Sky email when you leave ?

    My sky email addresses are still working, even though I switched from Sky broadband, a few years ago, never been a Sky satellite subscriber.
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    Bill Maynard dies aged 89

    I don't watch any soap operas, so I remember him in the comedy The Gaffer:
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    Bis channels missing on 13E

    Just checked and they all seem to be on the same transponder, 11681 H 27500 DVB-S2 8PSK 3/4. Just scanned them in on my Duo2.
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    Freesat decoder

    As Captain Jack has mentioned, a lot of Enigma 2 receivers can take a fitted hard drive, and use C Band tuners. I personally have a VU+ Duo2, which can take either 3.5", or 2.5", SATA hard drives. One advantage, of Enigma 2 receivers, is that they are networked, so you can access them via your...
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    Mutant HD51 (And other E2 Boxes) Diseqc/Usals Motor Fix.

    The VU+ Zero 4K is listed as having DVB-S2X tuners, there were claims that the other VU+ 4K receivers are supposed to be capable of handling DVB-S2X tuners with future updates. Taken from the VU+ website: VU+ Zero 4K Advanced Single DVB-S2X tuner or Single DVB C/T2 Tuner
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    Filtering DECT phones

    New co-ax cabling might help shield it a little, otherwise the only real solution is to move your V-Box, and possibly your receiver, further from the interference. Explain the problem, to your neighbour, and ask them to unplug their DECT telephone, from the mains, if they have one, for 5...
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    Help Required Vu+ Duo2 - official FW update, which version to use?

    I'm using Open Black Hole 4.1, on my Duo2, but you can use a lot of different firmware, before you find the image you prefer. As Sonic 1 pointed out the older, cheaper, USB sticks tend to work best, I us a cheap Toshiba 8GB, that hasn't let me down yet. If you want to try Open Black Hole 4.1you...
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    News DVB-S2X frequency

    Link to Lyngsat satellite map, for Fixed beam, the ones transmitting the DVB-S2X channels: http://www.lyngsat-maps.com/footprints/Eutelsat-33C-Fixed.html
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    Wiring Dual Axis Dish.

    If they are 36V motors, using the 4 electric type wires, then the diagram should be on the inside, of the motor.
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    News DVB-S2X frequency

    There are satellite receivers that can handle S2X, the VU+ Zero 4K, for one, but no doubt there are others. With Kodi, and other internet options, you can view nearly everything, you can imagine, with out needing to view S2X signals.
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    Combining technisat Multytenne and separate dish for 5W

    Any suitable Diseqc switch will do, I used a very cheap one, when I was moving house, as I'd already packed my motorized dish, and it worked perfectly. You might want to consider using separate LNB's, on an 80cm dish, for 28.2E, 23.5E, 19.2E and 13E, and a second dish for 5W, and a 8x Diseqc...
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    Combining technisat Multytenne and separate dish for 5W

    You can run any number of LNB's, into one receiver, using a Diseqc switch, which come in various varieties, 4x, 8x, 16x, etc, providing your receiver can run Diseqc. The problem is the technisat Multytenne, I've never used one, or heard of it, before, so I don't know how it will react with a...
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    Listen Up A Festival Of Whovian Classics

    I watched Shada, last night, using Kodi, the final episodes from season 17, which were never completed, due to a BBC strike. Instead of completing the episodes, when the strike was over, they just left them, possibly due to actors having other commitments. In 2017 the BBC added some animated...
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    Cannot get signal from any satellite other than 28.2

    Welacome to the forum James. Finding a satellite isn't easy, even if you know roughly where to point the dish, which is why a satellite meter, even the cheapest version, always helps: You can buy one of these for less than £10, on the internet, or even at a local DIY store, and they are very...