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    Advice Needed Good budget 1m dish

    @simon 2003 Yes water ingress was a problem on the first IBU conversion I had in place so mark 2 was improved with an O ring which sealed in the same way as the original C120 flange where fitted into the Fibo horn. See attached pic. Another problem with machining IBU's is that you can easily...
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    Advice Needed Good budget 1m dish

    For what it's worth I replaced a wind damaged 1m Gibertini with a Fibo 90. Initial performance with a Inverto black C120 single was about the same as the Gibertini which was fitted with an IBU. Now I have a machined IBU fitted into the waveguide of the Fibo 90 it outperforms the old 1m dish...
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    Black Ultra LNBF to C120 Conversion

    I found that too much machining on a black ultra is detrimental to the DRO stability. Although picture one looks great, sadly the LNB didn't work very well - the DRO was very unstable so it was scrapped in favour of v2 seen in the second picture where no machining was carried out on the actual...
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    What signal do you get BBC World on 0.8w ?

    73% on 90cm Fibo in London which translates to approx. 11.5dB