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    Locking A Titanium

    Can a person put their own key on a Tit, so the bin is lock. If so how Node
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    Titanium 1 & 2 Programmer

    I will like to know if the Titanium 2 cards take the same files like the Titanium 1 cards. I want to use this program to load my hex and eep files that I put on my titanium 1 card then use loadeep in winexplorer and load the bin file I use on Titanium 1 card. Have you use this to load any h*x...
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    Titanium Card Reader

    Does anyone know if there exist a program that can read the bin or flash.hex or flash.eep from a titanium card. All the programs I have seen can load a .hex and .eep, erase, update & downgrade the OS and check the ATR, but I have not found a pogram that can "READ" the bin place onto a Tit card...
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    Titanium On V*dguard

    Rolfw; I got the EmmStudio. Thanks.
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    Titanium On V*dguard

    Rolfw; Do you know of any program I can use to write a ATR to a TC. Also where can I get a copy of EmmStudio. Or a better stream Analyser.
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    Titanium On V*dguard

    I am able to program TC with Nagar. My question is, is it possible to load a TC with a V*dguard .hex and .eep file using the TCloader and then write my programming file onto the TC card. If the answer is yes, it is possible, is there a .xvb or .xpl script similar to "load.xvb" that will load...
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    NDS Instruction Set

    Sorry all was not around for a few days. I have to respect the Admin guys & girls who by the way do a very good job at this forum.
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    NDS Instruction Set

    I understand. I hope no one was offended. I will turn on Pm and for those of you that will like to have this info in the community Pm me I will gladly send it.
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    NDS Instruction Set

    Is it okay then to post a link for the document
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    NDS Instruction Set

    Hope this will help understand N*S coding. Node - taken the other post off-line while we decide if it's contents are suitable for posting here. I suspect after having a quick read, that we'd rather not have it. Hope you understand.
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    Jtag FTA Receivers

    Is it not possible to Jtag FTA receivers using the program called "jkeys" and read off the data in the Eeprom. Thereby reprogramming with whatever data you want in the Eeprom. Most if not all FTA receivers have the port for this on the board position next to the TSOP chip.
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    Titanium Saveeep problem Dish Network

    Configure WinExp for Echostar 3.68Mhz and try that. Otherwise if you are no at 1.06 do update. Erase and re-burn the .hex & .eep, load bin again and try a read.
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    WinX Errors programming TC

    Finally got the White Titantium going on DN with a 4900
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    WinX Errors programming TC

    Dozer; Can you help me obtain a copy of Loadeep.xvb and the Titanium Nagar.hex and Titanium nagar.eep. So I can program my card for DN. Any other help would be appreciated. My card is at OS 1.06 I have a valid Rom10.