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    Keys via remote control

    if you want , i can help you , but first must mail to me and help me to give downloader. my e-mail: omid413*
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    Samsung 9500 VIA CI

    i want to know that how can i upgrade my dsr 9500 via ci receiver ,please help me about this.
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    How do I enter keys in Starsat receiver?

    please tell me how can i find the codes of starsat rs-x150d ?
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    How can i backup my receiver firmware or software to PC

    I have rs-x150d plus starsat receiver. I need some steps or procedure in order to backup my firmware files properly to my PC. And what is the tool that i need to use??? Please help!!!
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    Starsat upgrade

    I want to upgrade my starsat receiver model SR-X150D , Please guide me , And tell me if i can use some codes to open my channels with my remote control in this receiver , how can i do it , and what are those codes? thank you.