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    Football Feeds - Tuesday (8.8.06)

    Any feed for Man U x Oxford
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    Art Sports

    Can anyone confirm if they are picking up the testcards on the following Frequency's. I cant check now, I am at work and a little intruiged. I tried to pick them up on these frequency's a couplke of days nothing on one and got "No Access....No rights to descramble on the other"...
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    Art Sports

    Thanks for your help lads, I will check this out tonight when I get home. Are the addresses on Lyngsat the correct Frequency \ transponder etc.....
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    Art Sports

    I have a 12 month Art Sports Card (Blue) I activated in May. (This is not a scratchcard) I have recently noticed ART Sports 5 + 6 on the schedules. Does anyone know if my card pick these channels up ? I have also noticed "Carte Cards" from Arabesque advertising all the channels (Art Sports 1...
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    Return to Predator 3.21

    I have put Predator 3.22 in my Dragon CAM and lost NDS support without getting Spo*t TV back. I want to return to Predator 3.21. Can anyone point tell me where I can download the old predator 3.21 from. I'd rather have NDS support and lose CABO. The only thing I watched on CABO was Spo*t TV...
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    13 East in Blackburn

    First-sat sell Art 6 month Card for £76 delivered, but are out of stock at the moment. I bought one off a very famous auction site last week for £62.50 delivered next day. Works fine and the six months start from the moment you put the card in the receiver. As for a a descent sat supplier try...
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    Clyde Vs Man U (16-07-05)

    Does anybody know of any channel showing the Clyde Vs Man U game, other than MUTV. Clyde v Manchester UnitedSaturday 16 July, KO 3.00pm Broadwood, Clyde I know the Far east Pre-Season Games are shown on Dubai Sports (26E) Also any details of Tuesdays Peterborough game would be appreciated.......
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    Mine also gone with MII
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    "LOAD ERROR" from dragonloader

    not a silly anser but have you got a power supply on the programmer, I have a smartmouse programmer, but if it isn't supplied with 9V it fails to load. It will start but the blue bar will not increase. If this is the case and your using a smartmouse programmer you'll notice the RED LED go out...
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    Dragon CAM Problems

    I have recently bought a Dragon CAM + Force 516S Motorised system with 1m dish. Loaded Dragon CAM with Predator 220 form Kinkdink using dragonloader. Loaded ok transferred from loader to CAM OK but can pick hardly any encrypted channels up. Is there any way I can tell if the CAM loaded OK and...