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    Just Sharing This 'Mini-Me' actor Verne Troyer dies aged 49

    Very young. RIP Verne
  2. PaulR

    Dale Winton dies

    He wasn't my cup of tea as a presenter but, regardless, that's a very young age to go. RIP Dale.
  3. PaulR

    Broadband Speed Part 3

    Just wait until I get back to Blighty...
  4. PaulR

    Broadband Speed Part 3

    From near unusable to barely adequate.
  5. PaulR

    Broadband Speed Part 3

    Back to normal. Apparently there was a restriction put on the line. Probably because when the line break was fixed the new modem was not connected for long enough to confirm the line characteristics.
  6. PaulR

    Broadband Speed Part 3

    Just arrived at the French gaff. We had absolutely no internet or phone when we were down last October and it took a 15 minute (twice postponed) visit by an engineer to find a duff joint on a pole up the lane. Fortunately a friend nearby was able to open the house up in case there was a fault...
  7. PaulR

    Just Sharing This Something useful for the garage/workshop

    Do they fit over normal prescription glasses?
  8. PaulR

    Why People Can't Spell?

    This a difficult one for me to comment on. On one hand seeing something misspelt or so badly phrased that the grammar is a nonsense irritates me almost as much as a real itch would do. Imagine wearing a woollen pullover without a shirt underneath. That's what it's like for me when I see an...
  9. PaulR

    Freesat decoder

    I can easily see that it would be the case that an external hard disc drive would need an extra power source. From memory USB2 ports have a maximum current supply of 500mA (USB3 can supply more). From practical experience I know that just connecting portable hard drives to computers without...
  10. PaulR

    Bill Maynard dies aged 89

    RIP Bill. Enjoyed your work over the years.
  11. PaulR

    Where can I get these ?

    If a BT phone is involved they sometimes use a different pin configuration. I had this problem a little while ago using a UK phone in France. Trying to use a BT Concero 1400 cordless phone in France
  12. PaulR

    Bye bye Maplin / Toys R Us

    Toys 'R' Us Founder Charles Lazarus dies at 94. Coincidence? Toys 'R' Us Founder Charles Lazarus Dies at 94
  13. PaulR

    Another offer I am not able to refuse (wanna bet)

    Not spam as such but I received this the other day: Only for you [email protected] And only we have only a few days! A unique base of businessmen from 170 countries of the world at a symbolic price of only $500 + bargaining. The database contains 228 million e-mail addresses. Write to us...
  14. PaulR

    Just Sharing This Obituary: Katie Boyle

    And she was a Lady. RIP Katie