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    3d print satelite hardware

    Hi everybody, Who is interested in studying 3D hardware of reflectors adjustable LNB holders feedhorns, and construction kits for dishes? Thanks to today's technology, this is possible and has many advantages in terms of transport and reception performance.. How nice is it to print your own...
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    Experience with difference between several feed horns

    I want to try some feedhorns on my Fibo 120 , does any on Experience with it ? I found some feedhorns and in the specs i read f.d 0.5-0.7 is there a optimum for the feedhorns ?
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    andrews feed horn big dissapointment

    The offset from the fibo 120 is 27,3 ^ so i set the dish 30-27.3 = 2.7 ^ almost vertical for Astra 4a Today i have follow you advise Rima and i check the dish, and indeed it`s warped for 1 cm ,i have pull the aluminnium a little and now it`s almost perfect match between the wires from the...
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    andrews feed horn big dissapointment

    Venton twin is also a good lnb William
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    andrews feed horn big dissapointment

    The focal point from my Fibo 120 is +- 74 cm from the middle of the dish but satlex have other values .
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    andrews feed horn big dissapointment

    Rimans thx for advise and i will check the dish, with these ibu i have quatar 10719 test 67 % signal on old ctech 5100 c and thats the strongest signal i ever had, much better than the jonsa 180 many years ago. William are you shure that the feed is nod good ? because the inverto black pro...
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    andrews feed horn big dissapointment

    Ahh thanks RimaNTss, when i was brouwsing i poste the story in the wrong satelite forum, little mistake. I searching for a channel master feedhorn for the fibo signal test, i have several idea`s to improve mij ku signal to get Nile 101 sat. When the weather is good i also recieve mbc 11559...
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    andrews feed horn big dissapointment

    Sprietje, nog bedankt voor de info en ik ga hiermee verder om mijn ontvangst te vebeteren zodat ik meer out of food prints kan ontvangen. Intussen ben ik weer eens met de fibo aan het sleutelen geweest en heb ik weer een aantal zaken ontdekt die intressant voor mij zijn. Mijn Patriot feedhorn...
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    Advice Needed Try To buy and test Sonic 80 db lnb to Fibo 120

    Hi all Feedhunters ;) I have a little problem and i hope that anyone can help me. I know there are people who want more signal in fringe description When i google for better lnb i found Solid Lnb with 80 db conversion gain. The conversion gain is in the lnb so there is more boost on weak signal...
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    Advice Needed Omt signal boosst reception

    Hi all, i have a question about modding the two black ultra lnb to wr 75 and use one polarity with a multiswitch to get better fringe signal to recieve ? Normaly you can use smw or norsat lnb, but with the Smw the conv gain is to low and with the Norsat lnb you get not the max frequention to...
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    new tuner come dreambox multimedia

    Found the silicon tuner on Ebay, have order also one..
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    Advice Needed CM 180 temporary install

    What is your signal on Badr 4 26 E (11.919) and can you also recieve Bdr 5,6 +7 ?
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    Precision Polar Mount Project

    Distance from the pole to the under site from the acctuator are to small. The force is to much when you get in the critical angles, and also the steps / pulse has more variation to the signal when you go to outside angles. Solution is to get more distance between polarmount and pole and get a...