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    View PVR Recording on PC

    Hi, ( TO : HBI13 DISH ) Thanks for your response to my recent posting. Under mentioned are some details as requested. The receiver is a Fortec Star - PVR, model FS 4700, with a USB port. I have been using a Flash Disk / external USB HDD for recording. File extension shows as AliDVR. I...
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    View PVR Recording on PC

    Hi, I hope I am posting on the right section Would anyone know of any freeware to watch PVR recordings ( Fortec 4700 ) on a PC and vice versa, ( Recording on PC and viewing on PVR FS 4700. Any helpful / useful info will be appreciated. Regards.
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    master pin.Recover PinCode For Some Receivers

    Hi, Can anyone help me please, I am looking for Master Pin Codes for following Digital Satellite Receivers : (1) ALFA GOLD Model AD 7500 --- (2) ALFA GOLD Model AD 7000 2CI. Regards and thanks.