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    IRDETO decoding program?

    you are correct though ricewind, aurora is also on pas2, currently avalable to those with scientific atlanta stb's. these boxes are generally used by thoe in remote areas ie aboriginal commuities etc that retransmit the sig in their local area fir joe blow to pick up with rabbit ears. however...
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    CAMS - pls explain <-- there you have it, buy the cam, have it for life, everywhere in europe.
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    CAMS - pls explain

    not sure if you guys have access to AsiaSat3s or not, but using a joker cam you can access FreeX-Tv, 2 chanels of 24/7 hardcore - the catch - find the firmware to load up your funcard - or pay around AU$120 per year for the legit service., if that rings your bell manikm