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    All BBC digital channels will be FTA on Astra 2D

    My big hope now is that ITV, ch4 and five will follow and also go FTA. That would make a "free to view" card completely redundant. Then I could boot the digibox without a card in it, and have a nice clean EPG, without all the subscription clutter. I wonder what the future of FTV cards is...
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    Changing from Sky to BBC

    ameolive, I think you are being paranoid. I really can't believe the BBC are sending people out to look for dishes. Many dishes are installed on the backs of houses where they cannot be seen from the road. All your wife's parents need to give when phoning to activating the card is the model...
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    BBC Choice

    No. It's FREE TO AIR on Freeview. But on Sky It's FREE TO VIEW. That means it is encrypted, but anyone with a valid UK address and UK television licence can get a "free to view" card to decode it, free of charge. This is all to do with rights issues, to stop it being watched outside the UK...
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    BBC Choice

    Yes this annoys me. BBC tell us you are getting a "NEW" television channel "BBC 3" What they don't tell you is it is just a re brand and makeover of BBC Choice. Just the same as the "new" BBC4 was a makeover of BBC Knowledge. And just the same as the "new" childrens channels CBBC and...
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    New Sky cards are looming

    In probably 3 to 4 months. We have bought a building plot in Scotland. Our house will be going on the market in a couple of weeks, so it's mainly down to how long it takes to sell. Also we need to set up a mobile home on the plot as temporary accomodation while the house is built. We need to...
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    New Sky cards are looming

    I think the situation for FTV cards is changing, for the worst. There's a report on another BB of someone who found his new FTV card wouldn't work. So he phoned to find out. He was told "your box is married to a ROI subscription card" So looks like they are tightening their grip on FTV cards...
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    New Sky cards are looming

    Rolf That's interesting what you said about your sisters FTV card. You have tried it in two boxes so far, and you say it worked (after updating the software in one of them) That begs the question, are the new FTV cards married to the box any more? Did you receive ALL the FVT channels in both...
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    Sky are T**T's!

    You are aware that you don't need a Sky contract to receive the BBC channels plus a whole lot of other FTV channels. If you mainly just use it for BBC programmes, then cancel your Sky contract altogether. Your cancelled Sky card continues to work as a FTV card, or you can order a dedicated FTV...
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    Pay £39.99 or we'll collect your box

    That's a nice outcome. All those who ignored the letter did the right thing. Those that paid up the £39.99 will get their money back. But what about those who returned their boxes? Will they get their boxes back? I doubt it.
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    Buying a Digibox without a subscription

    At the moment you can get a "free minidish and digibox" installed for £120 without having to subscribe to Sky. I think that's the best you will get for a new box. You are obliged to have it connected to a phone line for the first 12 months, so if that's a problem go for the offer in the above...
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    cable box

    If you have a cable feed to your house, plug it in and try it. There's no guarantee that the other end of the cable is connected, but unless you try, you will never know.
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    Receiving Sky on existing fixed dish

    I assume you want to continue using the dish for astra 1 so don't want to move it. So you need to add a second LNB on a side arm bracket. Looking from the front of the dish, the new LNB will a bit to the left of, and slightly higher than the original LNB. Do not move the dish, or else you...
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    Pay £39.99 or we'll collect your box

    I beg to differ. The Sky box and dish IS yours from day one. They give you a "free minidish and digibox" so from day 1 it's yours. You have to pay for the installation, and you have to keep it connected to a phone line for 12 months, but it is still yours. This is such a good offer that...
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    Pay £39.99 or we'll collect your box

    Why is everyone so against paying for their boxes. They were LOANED to you. That point was CLEAR on your contract. YOU signed a contract, stating you would return the box at the end of the contract (however the contract ended) That's the ONE big reason why I didn't get OnD, I got Sky instead...
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    Pay £39.99 or we'll collect your box

    So I take it all of you no longer use your old ON/ITV Digital box, you either don't watch DTT any more (but you still frequent a BB about it) , or have gone and bought a new and better box. Well that's fine, send it back then. But I really don't understand that. People have been paying £60 or...