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    ird decoder vs stb

    Hi,what is the difference between professional ird decoder and normal stb box, why ird decoders are so expensive. Is there any advantage using ird decoder i mean decoding time ? ird decoders use probably hardware decoding system which could be a better solutions for mpeg 2&4 avc .Normal stb box...
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    Any basketball Feeds on C-Band?

    Hi,I have questions for those who have C-Band installed,can anyone confirm if there is any NBA feeds on C band at the moment as i have only KU and thinking about getting C-Band Dish but i'm not sure if is worth to do it.Last year NBA feeds has been available at KU 24.5W but they gone
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    TBS 6925 PCi Card with hardware blind scan in DVB-S2 and DVB-S

    Thanks for your reply,my system is Windwos 7 x 64bit , I'm using ALT Dvb and Smart DVB,i been try all of this options like restart pc .uninstal then install card back again but problem still exist all programs like Easy blind scan or ALT DVB can't see the card.Sometimes when i restart my system...
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    TBS 6925 PCi Card with hardware blind scan in DVB-S2 and DVB-S

    Hi, I just have my new 6925 from yesterday and struggle a lot with installation,after physical instillation i installed driver from cd included to card box but device can't start error code 10 ,after that i found another driver version then install and card start working but not for...
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    receiver - Blind scan & 4-2-2 feeds

    Thank you for your response ,could you just tell me what would you buy today if you have a budget up to £300
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    receiver - Blind scan & 4-2-2 feeds

    Hello, Im new to this forum, and i need some help. I need to buy a satellite receiver, this reciever needs to have blind scan and has to be able display 4:2:2 feeds. ive been looking various forums and im not a pro, but ive read that the AZBox is able to display 4:2:2 feeds, but doesn't have...