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    Some of the channels came back briefly last night on 31,32 with a test card, but are blank again now. Does this mean someone has bought it? PDF
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    Will this unlock sky digital im a newbie

    It has been shown that sky digital can be decoded without a sky card with one or two provisos. currently this method is very processor intensive, unreliable and required access to a valid card in the authorisation loop, so is at present effectively a mathmatical problem. Until a generic, very...
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    Enjoy the final embers........

    There's still the free stuff. I'm sure someone will take it on, on-line gaming maybe, betting shops, home shopping, Bill Gates ....
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    can someone recommend me .. PDF
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    I*V whingers

    Best estimates say that piracy has only cost about 2-4 million, if you include what they spent trying to track down dealers, not including the legal costs at approx 50-100K per prosecution
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    it's not over till the fat lady this space
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    >You can try this link for good basic info Sciros > it also has further links. > >rolf Ta Rolf I'll do that
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    From a programming viewpoint.. Is there an authorative resource explaing the differences and versions of these popular codes. I'm interested in bettering my pic skills for other real time applications Paul F
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    Kevlar 1.64

    >Make sure that the Kev 1.64 is the real-deal there is a fake >1.64 that is fact the old 1.63 with Feb codes - it has a >badly updated readme. As the fake doesn't have the new ECM >code it will naturally fail and may be the cause of the 'it >don't work' reports. It might help if someone...
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    problems with kevlar

    >I have bought a millenium programmer and have a pic and a >gold wafer card, when I try to progamme the cards with the >kevlar software, it comes up PLEASE INSERT YOUR SMART CARD >in the ondigital banner, anybody any idea why this is, I am >using THREAT software at the moment and it is being...