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    Pace digibox distribution problem

    Currently use a Pace DS445NB which I believe is a wideband receiver and this works fine for most free to air stations with a 1m dish Connecting the DS445NB up to the one LCD using a coax cable is fine. However I have a problem with the RF coax signal out when I need to distribute the signal...
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    Hungary - Sky plus

    Thanks for the advice being technical from my mother's side of the family why can I get some channels and not others when essentially they are being beamed from the same Sat ? I would have thought it would have been a case of all or nothing
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    Hungary - Sky plus

    I have taken a Pace Sky plus box over to a holiday home in Hungary and have problems picking up BBC 1, BBC 2 and ITV Can receive Ch4 and Ch 5 plus Sky Sports ( on subscription ), Sky news and BBC News 24 Have Dual LNB ( BS1R8EL200A) with 93cm dish Freq 11.778 Pol V Symbol rate 27.55 FEC 2/3...