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    Sky q italia lnb

    I did one a while back but can't remember, I have a customer asking and it's impossible to find the info on Google. :(
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    Sky q italia lnb

    Can anyone on here confirm what LNB is required for Sky Q Italia? Thanks Tom
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    Bad practice & Nightmare installations

    I love the aerial ones. Can imagine when they put it up. Oh flip it, here will do.
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    Sky, Freesat reception in Italy.

    Hi all A couple of friends have happily been enjoying Sky in Italy for many years. Recently they have lost many of the main channel. BBC1- CH5, I know many services have moved to 2E recently, but I have checked footprints and doesn't seem like this is the problem. Am I missing anything here...
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    Bad practice & Nightmare installations

    No It was free standing. It was actually a group C/D on a group A transmitter. LOL
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    Bad practice & Nightmare installations

    Anyone care to guess why this didn't work? LOL
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    Fitted a Humax Freeview+ for an elderly client this evening - horrible

    LOL. The amount of times I removed the HDMI and put in a SCART just for an easy life. Something about selecting sources that some old people can't seem to get. Had a similar scenario recently although worked to my benefit. I installed a new Humax Freeview PVR and charged the customer £250...
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    CompTIA A+

    <sub>I haven't passed the test but purchased one of the books, came with a test CD which ultimately I passed so might be worth buying the book to give yourself a better idea?? I found mine on *mazon relatively cheap.</sub>
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    Hdmi video senders

    HDMI senders can be quite expensive, make sure you get one with a HDMI loop through if you want to watch in the first room also. Like mentioned above they can be really hit and miss. Look for ones using 5Ghz range, these are less susceptible to interference from around the home. As an...
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    Aerial to Sky HD Box

    You can't do this for numerous reasons. Can't see you being able to do this for much cheaper than £50! But good luck, have a look at the neighbours dishes to give you an idea where to point.
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    Plumbing advice re outside garden tap

    Just had a look. Yeah sorry my bad made an assumption on the pipe piercing kit. No need to tape around the valve. If you take a nut off and look there is a copper olive which will slip over the copper pipe. This will compress as you do up the nut. Wallop a load of compression compound (jet...
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    Plumbing advice re outside garden tap

    Had a bit of experience of these kits in the past. Their not very good to be blunt. The screw pierces a small hole in the copper pipe. You wont always get good water flow because the hole is so small. I would say for the average DIYer go buy a few push fit connections and do with these. It wont...
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    dish size calculator

    Back of what satellite magazine has a useful channel directory. This includes minimum dish sizes for north and south of the UK.
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    Sky link ,slovakia in the UK

    Where are you? 65cm is fine for 23.5e here down south.
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    Spectrum analyser meter for DAB?

    Should be able to do it on your explorer. On terrestrial, press the digital/ analogue button. Brings up a menu, select channel set from UK to DAB UK. This then changes o DVB-C. Go on from there.