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    Astra 2E: Iberia & Balearics Reports

    All BBC channels still on here in southern Spain (Mucia)
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    No Display on Front Panel (Foxsat HDR)

    Thanks for advice Tivu, I've had a look inside the box, and there are no loose cables or any signs of damage to the the components on the board, in fact it looks brand new. Guess it's a case of waiting to see if it gets worse!
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    No Display on Front Panel (Foxsat HDR)

    I've had the foxsat HDR for about 18 months now, and overall I'm very pleased with it, however, recently when I turn it on sometimes there is no display on the front panel of the box, where it would normally show the channel info etc. the panel backlight is on, but nothing else. Same thing if I...
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    BBC iplayer on Freesat - how to connect it up

    Just connected it up and used the code, but as you said Analoguesat, it's not available outside UK, I'm in Spain. I was hoping that there would be some radio content, witch I can access from a computer, but nothing there yet, hopefully that will be added later
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    Sky + Receiver for Mallorca

    The other option is the Humax Foxsat hdd+, but it's not cheap, about £250, I have one working here in southern Spain, and I'm very pleased with it. You will need a twin or quad LNB to get all of it's features i.e. record 1 channel while watching another or record 2 channels at the same time
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    Reception problems in S Spain Ch4 E4 m&m ITV

    It is a 1.4mt dish, the so called "Portuguese" dish that is popular here in Spain, and it's mounted on a post that is in 150mm of concrete so it is never affected by the wind.
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    Reception problems in S Spain Ch4 E4 m&m ITV

    I recently upgraded my Invacom snf-031 single lnb to the quad qdf-031, and it improved reception, so that I now receive the astra 2d horizontal tps almost all day. Same dish etc. no re-aligning. Although these lnbs are not cheap (€95 delivered) It was worth it to me to get the extra channels.
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    Freesat Reception in Spain

    I've now upgraded the lnb to the invacom QDf-031, and now get the astra 2D horizontal tps. from about 10:00 am until early the following morning (after my bedtime, so not sure exactly what time). But I've noticed that there's a lot of picture break up between 4:00 pm and 5:00pm, and after that...
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    Bush HD freesat box in Spain, Costa Blanca (Alicante)

    Hello, Thanks for the very useful inrormation. I live in NW Murcia, and intend to buy the Humax Foxsat PVR as soon as I can get hold of one. So can you tell me where you bought your Humax boxes, was it here in Spain, or did you bring them over from the UK? Thanks
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    Keep losing my default transponder settings

    Cut and pasted this- Default Transponder Some useful features can be found in Installer setup, to exit press Backup on your Remote. You will see the Default Transponder settings here, these can be changed, though will revert to the original settings once you have left the Installer setup. To...
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    Freesat Reception in Spain

    Thanks for your quick and informative reply snap. I can now go ahead with the planned upgrade with confidence, and I will watch for reports of the Foxsat+ here in Spain
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    Freesat Reception in Spain

    Hello all, I live in murcia, southwest Spain, and have had my sattelite tv for about 1 year now (1.45mt prime focus dish, don't know make, an invacom SNF-031 lnb, and a pace 440dsn stb) and all works well, except that I can't recieve any of the astra 2d horizontal transponders i.e. no bbc2, 3...