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    Infinity USB Question

    select the write button and select ext eeprom and update the eeprom only!! Dodddle Steve
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    Satellite receiver advice

    Samsung 9500 is a lovely machine.get the 2 ci version. It is the fastest zapping channel change i have come across. The organisation of the sat information is very flexible and the info in the onscreen display is comprehensive to even give the encryptions used in the data stream. Samsung have...
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    New echostar 3600 update. 5 in 1????????

    Ota done today,fixes ??///// Last one was last week and i found problems with it.Hopefully this is better If any one has any info on an echstar beta that gives 5 in 1 on eurocam irdeto 2 ,please mail me. Steve
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    New Improved 2.018 Freecam Flash

    Any hint as to where to find this gem thanks Stevio
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    Zeus programmer and loaders

    zues doesnt like amd k6 computers.known fact. waferworld.
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    echostar 3600

    Just found ota update one.
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    Echostar AD-3600

    I too have the lovly 3600,but have not had the problem you have. I have an h to h motor system, 1m with a view of 42e to 28 w My only noticable problem was that the hotbirb got lost sometimes and has to be relocated manually. I believe this is because of the way the motor clicks go out ,in...
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    echostar 3600

    I only used the old fashioned motor ...not diseq. Since i last posted , it has thrown only one wobble I am now doing a factory reset and organising it slightly differently now i know the machine...It is a very nice machine, if this problem is overcome. Steve
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    echostar 3600

    Howdy all Just got off the phone to one installer pal ,who claims he spotted that the output for the old style fittings failed to output consistantly, citing h or v channels affected the pulse voltage ,hence the lost satellites .I had the machine for a month and found this occours erraticaly.He...
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    wanted irdeto cam for 3/4/5 in one

    please mail direct if you have one to sell or swap Thanks group
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    Editing settings on echostar

    I should like to update and add data to the memory in the echostar 3000adIp is the editor still around for this? and could anyone recommend a site for this data? stevio
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    reading..a genuine viaccess card....//????? help please

    Have borrowed a viacces card to look at the possibilities of copying codes from this.. what software should i use...Please advise,i dont want to spank the card belongs to a mate!
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    How are keys found?? they seem to have been nicked!!