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    A*tro sharing over internet

    Not sure what you mean, but if you want to know more about cv12 card sharing for measat and thaicom ....use this link
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    A*tro sharing over internet

    Hi there, Yup from what I have been researching, polsat is the seca2 that has been opened at first then follow by some others. However I maybe wrong but the rom table is still not available. Only the eeprom table are available. I wonder what does it take to open a new provider such as ast**
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    A*tro sharing over internet

    Hi, I have been following up with Measat Astro progress. Now there are 2 type of card sharing. One is the card sharing and the other is internet sharing or aka cv12. The internet sharing method require a direct internet connection example like streamyx. What you get is a card like board...
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    developing the receive software

    When there is a will there is a way. I have started some work on this for quite sometime. There are some reference source code for STi5500 circulating in the internet. I happen to get a copy and tried to change it from STi5500 to STi5518. My hobby.... h**p://