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    Quiet here, isn't it!

    Mayhem is my reason. Held up by the very hot weather, much to hot to do much in the garden and I get very tired after a few hours of just doing light work. Add in visitors, even if only for a few days its extra time gone. Had 5 hospital visits in 2 months, plus doctors up and down, last one...
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    President Trump

    Trump Humour
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    Bargain Second-Hand Big Dishes For Sale

    Bargain with extras. eBay item number: 173408646511
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    Now Running On 3 Cylinders.

    I must admit it has been a bit tough over the last few months but after loads of blood tests, x rays and various scans I am now firing on 3 cylinders. I somehow think the 6 cylinder boy racer I once was will never return. I know the NHS gets lots of stick but for what we pay its very good...
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    What to do....what to do.....

    Same problem here. I have an E2 box set up for Freesat but they get confused with the epg and in reality the E2 images are over complicated just to get Freesat. When my existing box used for Freesat packs in I will get a Humax. Less complicated for the girls. As it is I have a Fransat box that...
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    Newbie Here 4K settop boxes

    Arrived OK but no drivers. SatKing tells me I can return it, probably will.
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    IRTE 1.5m Satellite Dish Patio Mount - Galvanised

    Ebay 332650892967
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    It Was Worth The Try.

    The only thing that is private is the Overseer sunbathing, best avoided. Photos at 55w.
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    It Was Worth The Try.

    Only getting 55w across the arc. Will put in the plate and do a re scan. OK not any better. Maybe I am missing something but time to call it a day. Thanks for the help but when it gets beyond comprehension i find it best to do something more enjoyable.
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    It Was Worth The Try.

    Here are some photos from the scaler ring centre showing what the dish is pointing at.
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    It Was Worth The Try.

    After many days checking, measuring, scanning and repeating the process several times there is no way I am able to receive much on the C band precision. Today i fitted a Titanium LNB. It was better but not enough to get a lock on most satellites. The only decent one was 55 west with 27 + TV and...
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    Which Satellite ?

    I had to check. I downloaded the C band xml but 11 west is not on the list, yet it found RTR Planeta satellite transponder 3665 V 10809 and stated it was 11 west. Thanks.
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    Which Satellite ?

    RTR Planeta satellite transponder 3665 V 10809. Somewhere around 8 west C band?
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    Too Many Trees.

    I have a 90cm Master Focus just above the flat roof on the gable end. Now to high up for me and with ballast for the 1.8 to heavy.
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    Too Many Trees.

    Just come in from the rain and could only get TV Unialo on 40.5 west. Even that was flaky. Tweaked the lnb and elevation but no improvement. The app on my tablet shows some sats a tiny bit above the trees. No chance on 46 east, massive oak tree in the way.