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    Pimp up Channel Master

    two of them between each side ?
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    An Inverto Ka LNB Band B To Band A Mod

    About reverse scanning , with the CT5000/ Dr HD F17 and SL3K lnb from the US , I use lnb Type OCS . With LNB Freq setting 20.450 I'll get the correct frequenties listed . Does Crazyscan has that OCS option too ?
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    Bargain Second-Hand Big Dishes For Sale

    2.4 m Prodelin in Belgium Satelliet schotel 2,4 m Prodelin tx/rx incl. ground mount - Te koop
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    New Gibertini 1.5 Dish

    Chris , dont try to fix a problem that probably not exist !!
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    New Gibertini 1.5 Dish

    At also available
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    Newsnet on Ka Band A

    What I'm missing here is the US SL3K4 Ka lnb The DirecTV SL3K4NR1-03 I still use it to receive Newsnet with my CM 1.8m . before that CM it was attached to a 1.2 Fibo Gregorian , dont know how it performs on a 1 m dish .
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    New Gibertini 1.5 Dish

    Very nice shiny equipment :cool: Just one thing , the arc of that Technisat revolver motor is max 150º , so one of the C- lnb clamps must move more to the center .
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    Just Sharing This Display to play with dish .

    Years ago I changed a part of the electronics from a SuperJack V-box for Moteck SG2100 circuit board . Because of that mod , which made it possible to control a also modded Jeager SMR1224 or a AJAK by Usals , the original V-Box display became useless . For Usals the pulser must make 38 pulses /...
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    Bargain Second-Hand Big Dishes For Sale

    a scalaring is 16 cm ,on the picture it fits about 11 times in the dish width , my gess too is 1.8 m
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    New Gibertini 1.5 Dish

    This topic started under the name New Gibertini 1.5 Dish I wonder , where did the dish go ?:oops:^_^
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    Help Motorised Satellite without Motor

    If you have 2 coax cables , one for the lnb and one for your motor , you can use a cheap Usals capable receiver to control the Stab
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    No backlight on TV

    Some time ago I replaced the broken round fluorescent lamp from my bench magnifying-glass into 2 copper wires with sevaral leds between . Realy cool , no longer my nose above that hot fluorescent lamp .
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    Is this to any use for us ?

    The Better Wiki
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    Is this to any use for us ?

    Hughes 1505328-0014 HA200-L Rev E Radio Assembley | eBay