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    Bargain Second-Hand Big Dishes For Sale

    Its a model of Jaeger like the SMR-128G
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    Channel master 180 dish installation project

    I can modify a BU (or another lnb if you like ) with a flange fitting to that feedhorn . I do have a prodelin feedhorn that also has those 6 holes
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    New Gibertini 1.5 Dish

    When do we see pictures of your new toy ?
  4. Trust1

    my hold feedhoren

    Can you show a picture from broken holder ?
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    Wanted VBox/Vboxes

    Ever thought about the use of the circuitboards from SG2100 or other diseqc rotors ? I used them for making several H2H rotors like the Jaeger SMR 1224 running with Diseqc 1.2 and Usals .
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    bracket for disecq motor

    see PM
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    bracket for disecq motor

    These are long gone , but I can build one .
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    bracket for disecq motor

    I made sevaral from Moteck and STAB mastclamps . Also complete one from other material with the dish as close as possible to the rotor .
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    LNB & Feedhorn

    Cut of the horn with my lathe , machine the OD of the waveguide at 25 mm . That fits exactly in the Fibo horn . Lnb in the picture is KOSCOM but almost any type can be modded .
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    LNB & Feedhorn

    Easy to fit : BU direct2Fibo
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    Just Sharing This Weak diseqc rotor assistant

    Saturday made some tests . The empty rotor has a current of 130/150 mA . Added the springs , each time one spring is almost idle when the rotor is in that end position , and the other spring has a load of ± 100 kg When the rotor is at Zero , both springs had a load of ± 25 kg Turning to 70º E...
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    Just Sharing This Weak diseqc rotor assistant

    For a heavy dish with several lnb's at a diseqc rotor , its hard working to bring it back from a far east or west position . To help the rotor doing that , the STAB rotor has a system with spring inside . I've never seen such system in any other rotor , so I thought about making that for the...
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    Just Sharing This Prototype Moteck Twin Rotor

    I will do some day , but You can allready hear the difference from start till it runs over south .