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    This Is News To Me. Stab HH100

    Found it and tested it . Its not labeled as STAB but INTERSTAR HH MOUNT mod. GI100 DiseqC 1.2 Must be very old , mayby the serial nr tells the story . On the scala ± 60º E or W is the max , tested that at diseqc 1.2 Its also working with Usals , I set the Lat and Lon than send it to Reference...
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    This Is News To Me. Stab HH100

    Sorry , you're right , did'nt seen it for 15 years :blink: I must have one some where , will search and test it to .
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    This Is News To Me. Stab HH100

    Does not look like a regular STAB rotor
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    Channel master 180 dish installation project

    1 x 1 x 1 is overdone , thats a weight approx. 2500 kg
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    25.5E Ka-Band D?

    Is that signal still there ? nothing to find with my KAKUA at the 1.8 CM With this equipment receiving TP 21.562 H at 16º E right now with 18 dB
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    Motor dish set up using USALS

    You'r asking for help but dont tell what receiver you use ???
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    Unusual channel on 13E

    never been on this freq. (channels) maybe Azadi ? also seen text : @Freedommessenger
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    New study object , unknown dish

    Hi Rima , did'nt notice that curved front edge bevor , glad you pointed me to that . Later this week I will connect that existing lnb to my satmeter , point the dish to a sat and will see whats comming out . I know its for one polarisation and has restricted band . Also want to attach that...
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    Fine Adjustment.

    Believe me , same trubble
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    Do They Still Make Fibo dishes?

    I showed the 120 version , the other one is 90 cm
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    Do They Still Make Fibo dishes?

    Not a Fibo but still a gregorian
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    Advice Needed Please help me (splitter issues)

    Instead a splitter , a priority switch will do , cheap and simple , no extra cable needed .
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    Advice Needed Please help me (splitter issues)

    Or swap the out port cables to see what happens .
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    Advice Needed Set up my motorised dish

    Dont know that receiver , but is it HD capable ?
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    reverse band lnb

    USA product , SL3RBAH(AU4) lnb , any use for us ?