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    Nexus-s/ss1 & Dragon cam help please

    Hey thanks. I have found that too. I must admit this is a bit hard to do but I will carry on for now. Whats a dreambox, is it a sat reciever or a linux box type thing ?
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    Vision-net VN8000S opinions please b4 I buy

    Hi everyone, I was looking to getting a "Vision-net VN8000S" it seems to get everything. I am very keen and it looks to good to be true but I wonder what you guys think. Here is the website offering it, hope you dont mind the link here. _ I...
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    My setups :)

    Looks like a digital sky reciever there too......Wots that for then ??
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    Skystar 1 CI Receiving Nothing whatsoever

    Do twinhan drivers work with skystar1 then ?
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    Nexus-s/ss1 & Dragon cam help please

    Hi, ive been playing with satellite cards on a pc for some months now but have reached probably the limit of my knowledge so I have read through the threads and im still a bit confused. I have a Nexus -s CI card otherwise known as a ss1. I just got myself a Dragon cam as I was told it was a...