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    Where I Can Buy A 2.2-2,5 Ghz Sband Reflector ,with N Connector Usa Standart?

    Hello! i try to receive in thailand,a indonesian sattelite,that transmit in the sband in 2,5 ghz range! in Asia! i still have the sband lnb,you see on the picture,but finding a 2.2 ghz to 2.5 ghz reflector,with a n connector,on picture 2,seem to be a imposible mission! i contacted many atv...
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    Toroidal T 90 Setup In South East Asia Possible?

    Hello! i live,most of the year in thailand,go back next month! now i plan,since the kuband satellites are very strong,for testing reason,to install a t90 ,that i can bring from home,but on the technical site,iam not sure,how this antenna will operate ,when the elavation is more steep,on the...
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    Intelsat 20 moving to 68.5e

    'Hope Channel International' has started on 3861V (C-band beam), clear, SR 4444, FEC 1/2.
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    Intelsat 20 moving to 68.5e

    Hello! after long time! the transmission,of new channels will be begin around october number one,from the new satellite ! ,how it looks,dstv multichoice,comes also back to 68,5e __ dont know at the moment,in c or...
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    edit new entry point,for network search,not working on osn showbox?

    thanks,i enter the freqencys see the signal,but with the press of okay,iam unable,to start a serarch and leve the first setup menu,means,the freqency,that contains,the main information for all channels i still not find,also i found no posiblity for a manual search,very strange! normaly it should...
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    edit new entry point,for network search,not working on osn showbox?

    Hello! after the satellite change today,my osn showbox loose all chanels,i make a complete factory reset,after sign up the language and hd 1080 screen mode,i see the nilesat transponder list,i go to nilesat number one transponder have a full signal,check also the hd channels with another...
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    Atlantic Bird 7

    yes after fineadjust the dish,signal is here with 10,.6 db the scew,and postiion change a little bid to the olboard before the scew show me minus - 58 now it is + 36
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    Atlantic Bird 7

    can someone receive the osn hd channels now,please post dish size,and location? what channels transmit ,now on the other weaker eastbeam,that is not suitable for europe,acroding to the footprint map?
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    Is it possible to receive FRENCH Terrestrial (dvb-T) channels in London ?

    Hello! the most porblem here,some dvb t package and dab+ package,using the same freqency,means,the signal will be blocked each other,and in dab reception of only one package its posible! from the time before satellites was avalible in beginning of 1987,our cable operator have still installed a...
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    Atlantic Bird 7

    now its 3 o clock in the night i set up the alarm clock to join the live event:) but nothing yet change? signal same strenth,i rescan tomorow! i still hope the osn hd signal comes back in my region,until its gone,in the begin of august when the dvb s channels has been change to hd!
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    MPEG Receiver

    there is a pc card system avalible from rasia with a software called super blindscan,you can watch 32 PSK modulation,over the pc! also i think the az box premium can mpeg 4?in dvb s2
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    where i can find Analogue signal generator for 12 ghz freqency range?

    Hello! today,a friend in germany ask me this question on the phone! after the analouge switch off,he looking for a device,looks like a big container box,was one time listed on ebay usa,that is able,to convert a digital picture source ,back into a anlouge signal! he wants to use his montery 140...
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    SRG SSR Switzerland Package

    Hello! the replace,the cards now,in the meantime,to viaccces 2.6 and 3.0,because the old system was hacked! normaly all old cards,was switched off,after the replacement! do you have mauntains with snow on the card? or you see a farmer man,stands in the middle of the street,and a satdish...
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    SRG SSR Switzerland Package

    yes its also include,free of charge,with no extra coasts,you pay,one time,the card fee,and the yearly coasts in switzerland!
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    EU Court of Justice to Decide on Premier League TV Rights Today

    does this also mean,that every eu citizen can buy subsribtion,of every pay tv package,in each eu member state?