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    Ascertaining lnb position for a dish without arms/lnb

    I have been given an offset dish without the arms and lnb holder.How can i establish the correct position of the lnb?
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    Satellite Superstore is adverising prime focus dishes on a polar mount.I have written to them wanting to know, should i mount an off set dish on a polar mount what adjustments must i make (declination angle)to the polar mount to accommodate an off set dish.I received no response.Can members assist.
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    KU on C Band Dish

    I have a 2.4M C band dish .Should i decide to cover it with fibre glass mat using resin and hardening will i be able to receive KU band singles.
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    Yes ,Huevos you are correct.I have a teflon plate in my LNB to receive circular transmissions and if i remove the plate signal strengh does increase.East 78.5 satellite is linear polarised left and right,although my satellite receiver shows vertical and horizontal.
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    My dish size is 2.4M.I receive several satellites from 78.5 East to 27.5 West.As an example on 78.5 East, i receive 11 tansponders in Horizontal and 7 of them in vertical as well.
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    Yes you are right about L and R.My receiver shows V and H. Being motorised i receive all available satellites.I have got a dual C Band LNB but i dont think that should make any difference.Possibly faulty LNB?
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    I have a C band dish in South Africa and have set my skew (0) to my Apex satellite.However,i am receiving on some frequencies both a horizontal and vertical signal.Please advise the reason for this as the channels are duplicated. Note, it is a motorised dish.
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    Spaun Multiswitch Relay

    It is a Spaun SMR 410 F
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    Spaun Multiswitch Relay

    The above relay is fed by 4 dishes (4 sockets) to one satellite receiver.How can i feed it to two satellite receivers. I understand the switch i have is a diseqc multiswitch.What is the difference between a multiswich and a diseqc multiswitch.When do you use a multiswitch on its own.
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    New Look

    I posted an item under Actuator problem and received two responses.This has now disappeared.
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    Saving My Old Channel Master Polar Mount

    Get a welder to cut and weld the required parts.
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    You should only use an actuator,preferably 24 inch.Even 1M is dicey with a sat motor.Long term go for an actuator as well.
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    Max arc for the Gibertini XP Premium 1m with Polar Mount

    Can someone post a photo of a Gibertini polar mount.
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    Anyone know of a C-band dish for sale

    Get a local welder to knock up a polar mount for you.
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    transformer for Moteck 11 Positioner.

    I had about six actuators in bids and pieces and decided to check them out.These actuators i got from my son who is an installer in another country.No doubt the reed switches were shot already when i got them.In any case i purchased two reed switches from a Security (alarm system)...