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I'd like to know please if the 8008 shows the video feed on 10.492 H 2000 with a standard LNB ? Apparently this is possible. This is the amateur radio video 'beacon' and other 'feeds' might show up using very low SR of 125 333 and 500 up to 10.498. please report back thanks !
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I'm not at home today, but I did receive the transponder last week with a Global ADX and standard (DRO) universal. You will not get it unless you do the same, or play with the PLL settings in a more modern LNB.


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Comment on that satellite, today I am thick @ sat-tv-fan

In general, with the latest versions / updates of diver, the blind search of tp and channel works well at once.
But if we do it in 2 steps, first you look for tp's and then you tell it to look for all the channels it stops in tp with 16/32 apsk, it leaves the menu with exit, not giving casque as before, but as I indicated, if we do it by selecting Blind channel search, perfect.
Use hispasat for these tests, minimum SR for the blind search SR1000, finding the radio channels well with SR1481.
Looking for hand signal, well with SR767 data channels.
The heat causes the performance to lower somewhat in general, be careful if you go to the limit, you have to ventilate the tuner / tuners.
This past Sunday I saw something strange with the link they put on Hispasat, OVERON Occ for the events of Moncloa.
It's on 12092V27500 3/4, you could hear, but not see.
Streaming the perfect channel, the rest of the tp channels, fine.
I made recordings of the channel to compare features with another recording of a VU + DUO2 and they had the same options, exchanging the recordings in the decos (identified who they are), the VU + DUO2 perfectly sees what the Octagon recorded.
The Octagon black image with the DUO2 recording.
Sorry for the translation
Comenta en que satelite, hoy estoy espeso @sat-tv-fan

En general con las ultimas versiones/actualizacion de diver funciona bien la busqueda ciega de tp y canale de una vez .
Pero si lo hacemos en 2 pasos, primeros buscas tp's y luego le dices que busque todos los canales se para en tp con 16/32 apsk, sale del menu con exit, no dando casque como antes, pero como indico, si lo hacesmos seleccioando busqueda ciega de canales, perfecto.
Uso hispasat para estas pruebas, SR minimo para la busqueda ciega SR1000, encontrando los canales de radio bien con SR1481.
Buscando señal a mano, bien con canales de datos SR767.
El calor hace que baje algo el rendimiento en general, cuidado si vas al limite, toca ventilar los tuner/sintonizadores.
Este domingo pasado vi algo raro con el enlace que pusieron por Hispasat, OVERON Occ para los eventos de Moncloa.
Esta en 12092V27500 3/4, se podia escuchar, pero no ver.
Por streaming el canal perfecto, el resto de canales del tp, bien.
Realice grabaciones del canal para comparar caracteristicas con otra grabacion de un VU+DUO2 y tenian las mismas opcines, intercambiando las grabaciones en los decos (identificadas de queien son), el VU+DUO2 ve perfectamente lo grabado por el Octagon.
El Octagon imagen en negro con la grabacion del DUO2.



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OCTAGON SF8008 4K UHD E2 Treiber (Driver) Update 11.10.2019

- [SF8008] Update Drivers:
- Optimise "Audio Auto Volume Level"
- Updated files:
- hi-dvb.ko
- libhi_msp.so
- libreader

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