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Mr Speaker, I am here to give an update on the proposed merger between 21st Century Fox and Sky Plc, and my decision whether or not to refer the transaction for a full 6 month investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

I should first remind the House that in my quasi-judicial role I must:

  1. Come to a decision on the basis of relevant evidence;
  2. Act independently in a process that is fair and impartial; and
  3. Take my decision as promptly as is reasonably practicable.
I am committed to transparency and openness in this process and have been clear my decisions can only be influenced by facts, not opinions - and by the evidence, not who shouts the loudest.

Broadcasting standards
I have taken careful account of all relevant representations and Ofcom’s advice and have, today - as required by the legislation - written to the parties to inform...
An issue which many members of the public find objectionable and offensive is the fact that while the BBC consistently refuses to use the word terror in its reports on violent attacks against Israelis, its reports on comparable attacks in other locations (especially Europe and North America) do use such language. A recent complaint that was escalated by a member of the public through the laborious convoluted and off putting BBC channels of complaint, finally was passed to OFCOM only for them to side with the BBC and thus display their own double standards

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BT has offered to provide the infrastructure for 99% of premises in the UK to get broadband speeds of at least 10 megabits per second by 2020.

If accepted, it would mean government-proposed rules, allowing those living in remote areas to demand broadband, were unnecessary.

BT says it would invest up to £600m and coverage would be universal by 2022.

About 1.4 million households currently cannot get speeds above 10Mbps, according to Ofcom.

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Ofcom has revoked the community radio licence held by Iman Media UK Limited, following an investigation.

The company held a community radio licence, broadcasting Iman FM radio over a five-kilometre radius in the Sheffield area.

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Under the new BBC Charter and Agreement, Ofcom's role is to hold the BBC’s performance and editorial standards to account, and also to regulate the competitive effects of its services.

The unitary BBC board will be responsible for governing and running the Corporation. The National Audit Office will be responsible for the ensuring the BBC delivers value for money, while the Charter itself – and the licence fee – remain matters for Government.

Ofcom will regulate the content standards of the BBC’s television, radio and on-demand programmes. The BBC will handle complaints about its content in the first instance, with Ofcom overseeing that process and handling appeals through a transparent process. Whenever required, we will step in.

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Also interesting to note that the BBC terminated their contract with A.P, Associated Press this week in favour of the AFP...
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