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21,5° east new transponder for erithrea

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Eutelsat 21B, two new transponders with programs for Erthrea and Sudan.
The further east and south are, the more receptions are possible.
1.20 m north of Bavaria is really the limit.
Bank of england cancels doctor who
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Doctor Who will soon celebrate 55 years of being on-air. However, the Bank of England has cancelled the show from the potential candidates for the honor of being pictured on the face of the proposed £50 note. The bank insists on using the image of a non-fictional member of the UK that has greatly contributed to society.

The Bank of England asked for the public’s recommendations for the image to appear on the new note. The popularity of the Doctor Who character, that has been a staple of British television for more than a half century, especially Jodie Whittaker’s role as the Doctor, has led to strong public sentiment that the image of the Doctor appear on the face of the note.

Officials at the Bank of England have sought clarity in their request for nominations by announcing that the images on their banknotes be neither fictional characters nor living people. They are seeking a person from the UK, who in the past contributed an invaluable service to the UK by their leadership or...
Sky q adds netflix
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The Changes and Benefits

Sky Q has strengthened its position as the leading provider of on-demand television in the UK and Ireland. Netflix is now another part of what Sky Q is delivering to its customers giving them a whopping 3,616 movies and 1,436 television programs that they can access right beside their Sky content.

Customers are now able to choose Netflix programming through a seamlessly integrated login where the provider’s shows appear as suggestions on the Sky box homepage. Sky Q had also launched Voice Search functionality last year, and this feature will be available to help viewers find Netflix programming.

The Goal

The company is hoping to be the premier choice for television watchers by offering a wide, easy-to-use range of services including Netflix, YouTube and Spotify. Sky Q believes it has created the “Ultimate” value package for fans of TV. The goal is to give customers what they want with the easiest way to access to content and a single...

The same procedure as every year??

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Our favourite New Years Eve programme is finally getting its UK premiere at a south west Scotland comedy event :)

Cult comedy gets UK premiere after 50 years
Now tv 4k smart box review
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The Now TV Smart Box is the first streaming box to deliver 4K service to consumers. Now TV has been a leader in streaming services due to its access to Sky UK’s inexpensive premium content without having to enter into a lengthy contract. Now TV is using this same recipe for the new Smart Box making this an easy recommendation.

Now TV provides access to the Sky’s content either live or on-demand. Various theme passes are sold on monthly terms, plus weekly and daily passes for Sky Sports. Any pass may be cancelled at any point. Other than Sky Sports, there are also Entertainment, Kids shows, and Sky Cinema themes.

Included with the Smart Box are apps for other services such as Netflix, YouTube, All 4, BBC iPlayer, Demand 5, ITV Hub, and UKTV Play. Still more apps may be added through the Now TV app store like, Sky Box Office, and Vimeo. However, Amazon Prime Video is not available in the app store, which may be a major drawback for some customers.

Voice search is a very...
Bbc iplayer plans delayed
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Ofcom, the United Kingdom’s media regulator, has voiced concern over the effect that proposed improvements in the BBC’s iPlayer on-demand service. This has led the demand for the BBC to conduct additional public interest testing to compare the public value benefits against the impact on market competition.

The BBC has planned to make changes to its iPlayer on-demand service in order to satisfy and retain current users and to attract new customers. This is a proactive effort to adjust to the changing environment in viewing patterns within the on-demand market.

The changes were characterized by BBC’s board as ‘non-material’. This meant that there would not be a need for an in-depth public interest test. Ofcom used the BBC’s own filing estimates that show that its plans could substantially increase the market share of the company over the share realized in the previous year.

Ofcom disagreed with that conclusion saying that a possible significant increase in iPlayer viewing could...

Perhaps it is time for the bbc to sit down and re-invent themselves?

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Ofcom's latest report

"OFCOM's report assesses how the BBC is performing against a backdrop of significant change in the media landscape. Major growth in the use of online and connected devices, as well as superfast broadband, have enabled global online players such as Netflix and Amazon rapidly to establish themselves in the UK.1 YouTube now reaches more than 44 million people per month, while live TV viewing has fallen for six successive years.

But the BBC continues to play a central role across TV, radio and online platforms. More than nine in ten adults consume BBC content each week; on average, we estimate that people spend 2 hours 44 minutes with the BBC every day.

Audience satisfaction with the BBC is relatively high. Three quarters say they are satisfied with BBC radio (74%) and BBC websites and apps (75%), and just over two thirds with BBC TV (68%). A...

Just Sharing This Transmitted some Analogue TV today...

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Restored this 23cm's Receiver and Transmitter
Transmitted some analogue video, the receiver is basically an analogue satellite receiver (You can use a analogue satellite receiver to receive this)

Video here:
MTV EMAs 2018
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Feed up testing on 16°E

11640 V 22500 3/4 DVB-S2/8PSK "GCUK Enc 2"
How to fit an F type satellite compression connector to coax cable.
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This tutorial on how to fit a F type satellite compression connector to coax cable, something that is asked on a regular basis here at Sats UK.

  • First Strip back the cable, about 1/4 inch core and 1/4 inch dialectric.

  • Next fold back the outer braid, with some F connectors you may need to remove the foil shield, but others will be fine with it in place.

  • Push on the F connector with the braid still pulled back over the outer, Tip a warm cable makes it easier.
    (If you have a screw on type “F” Connector, simply screw the F connector onto the coax cable until the dialectic foam core touches the end of the connector barrel)

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