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    The best performing Linux HDTV receiver?

    yes and BAllen works all other dm 8000 images can be put on the usb good competition
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    Green screen error

    Depends on the image. Try The latest Gemini 4.6 on your flash
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    A very HOT mustang

    Excellent cars:D rolfw m8 hope all is fine. Long time no see:)
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    India exciting channels availability

    Is there any pirate tv in India ? Like channels opening with fun or other cards or cams ?
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    Aston CAM

    Nothing more right now, I dont think you can upgrade the cam to viaccess
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    pak&ind cricket series

    Hotbird-1 , Frequency:- 11304 , Symbol rate :- 27500 , FEC:- 3/4 , Polarization :- H FTA Sony tv asia
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    please help me

    You need to use kup230 the program/loader and patch your receiver. If you give the hardware version of your stb it would be easier then.
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    Vote now - 1W C*nax key changes

    I am happy that they change keys. It would be boring and kindof scary if they did not.