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    How to play radio streams in DVBViewer?

    Got past the radio bug, requires getting a new version of DVBViewer (TechniSat Edition (Patch for 4.2.11)) , which can be found at the address below.
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    How to play radio streams in DVBViewer?

    How do I go about playing radio streams in DVBViewer, I've scanned and updated the transponder yet when I go to the channel list and select an audio stream it fails or just doesn't load, whereas video streams with audio function find. Also could anybody explain to me how to I scan an entire...
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    Cheapest SkyStar2 Card

    Purchased mine from on eBay also, excellent service, brand new card and quick delivery.
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    Viaccess1 full description by France Telecom_the system conceptor

    For some reason all my recent posts get deleted .. I did post a second link but obviously it was deemed illegal, whereas the original link was not.
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    What do i need???

    I believe this online satellite store is based in Norway - Look under 'Satelliittituotteet' in the left-hand column. If you do decide to buy from this store I am very much interested in acquiring a 'Triax' component from them, maybe we could work something out...
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    How is it possible to scramble channels with multiple encryptions?

    How is it possible to scramble channels with multiple encryptions without sacrificing bandwidth? E.g. ORF use Irdeto, Cryptoworks and Nagravision, presumably all within the same broadcast.
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    Satellite card / module for Laptop ?

    No a mini-itx board basically tries to retain the functionality of an ordinary PC but smaller in size. Obviously because of its reduced size (maximum mainboard size is only 170mm x 170mm) there are going to be some limitations, the device won't be as powerful as an ordinary computer, nor as...
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    Satellite card / module for Laptop ?

    Why not look at a mini-itx board with PCI slot? (loads of other vendors too). In certain configurations probably smaller footprint than a laptop because you can do away with the screen.
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    Humax Monoblock Twin

    Anybody know how this device operates? Specifications: "Humax Monoblock Twin LNB 0.7 dB max. Frequency 10,7 bis 12,75 GHz LO:2x 9,75 / 10,6 Universal DiSEqC 2,0" For example if two receivers are connected can both control the output of the LNB(s) independantly from eachother? If not this...
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    Anybody frequent IRC?

    Wondering whether there are any channels about, with satellite specific discussion, that perhaps people from here visit, chatting in real-time does have its merits. At the moment I am logged onto & #dvb - was hoping for something with a bit more locality however.
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    Browsing satellites serving the americas on LyngSat and intrigued to find far greater C-Band activity, why is this? Also, did C-Band ever have its debut here in the UK or Europe even?
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    Missing Toecutters Den.

    Mind if I ask how one becomes a member of either SateDudez or the Toecutters forum? Would be interested in learning about the various encryption systems/tools. Is there some sort of initiation process you have to follow? :)
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    Recommended CAM/Smartcard/Programmer for viewing ORF

    Your recommendations please on components necessary to view the digital broadcaster ORF on Astra (19.2E). Encryption method used is Irdeto, S*ca (Meidaguard?) and Cryptoworks. Intended receiver for viewing is an Echostar DSB-880 2CI. Regarding the CAM, could anybody tell me which preferable an...
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    Technical guide to satellite encryption and keys?

    Remember reading this guide once which explained the technical aspects behind the whole smartcard/encryption setup for satellites and how the hacked keys are derived. Obviously I am not expecting people to name that exact one but if you have any suggestions, might so happen its the same one...
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    Guess the satellite dish ..

    No it is an Orbital (20 deg variable bracket available), I checked my email minutes after posting this thread and found a reponse from the 'Technical Director' at saying just that, except they don't split packages which is no use to me because I required different LNBs from what...