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    digibox jtag

    hi can anyone me in on how to trace and identify without a schematic the TDI TDO TRST TCLK etc on pace amstrad grundig sky digiboxes please also can someone tell me what the 4 pins are that stick up out of the board any help would be much appreciated thanks
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    pace 2200

    Thanxs for that info i will try this can you recomend cfg file for the 2200 also i want to wire a jtag into this box have you any information on pinout locations please correct me if im wrong but the location is the 11 holes left of the card reader at the front of the board and i need 7 wires...
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    pace 2200

    Can someone tell me if you have use a null modem lead to connect a pace 2200 to libdebug/dibdebug also has anyone got a cfg file that works with this reciever i have hard wired a com lead into the box using null modem pinout but have had either failed com connection or no response also has...
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    Grundig gds300 schematic/jtag pinout location

    Hi can anyone help me with a grundig gds300 jtag pinout locations i have searched high and low for a datasheet but to no avail any information or schematics on this digibox would be much appreciated thanx