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    Forced Download

    to force a software update do the following m8's remove mains connection wait for 60 seconds, while holding in the backup button on the receiver reconnect the mains and keep depressed the backup button it will take about 10 seconds then you will see a message on screen confiming updating system...
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    Sky are T**T's!

    oh boy we all could really do with a hack for this platform, that would teach em customer relations:D
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    Share one cable modem between two PCs?

    Hi all. Got it sussed, heres howif your interested. i Got the network card rolfw suggested (thanks m8) popped it into laptop didn't even need to install drivers win xp configured it itself (cool) also got a network hub. Desktop pc had install already 1 network card, i popped in another 1 and...
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    Share one cable modem between two PCs?

    Thanks m8 didn't know they existed will try and source one:-beer
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    Share one cable modem between two PCs?

    hi i have also got a motorola surfboard 4100 but on ntls 1mb service. i have 2 computers that i would like to enable to connect to the net at the same time 1 is desktop with ethernet card installed and connected to modem s ethernet port the second comp is a laptop connected via usb to the modem...