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    What to point at.

    Hi guys/girls Just wondering what is the best satellite to point at for good sport/movie channels in English. I currently have 28.2, 19.2 and 13E on a triax multi lnb arm. I got another dish with the intention of pointing at 16E (quality is terrible trying to sandwich it between 13 and 19 where...
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    Key Bundles

    Thanks John I'll give it a go.
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    Key Bundles

    Thanks for the quick reply. I know that 28 is locked down. My dish is fixed at the moment. I am able to watch some chanels with encryption, but the encryption icons always stay yellow, only once has it ever turned green. Are the auto key updaters of any real use? Why are they updated so often...
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    Key Bundles

    Hi everyone. I'll get straight to the point. I have a Dreambox 600 PVR. I have latest Gemini with Hacksat and Satin Key Updater. They both work and if I ftp into the box I can see that the keylist etc. has todays date. I have latese mgcam, cccam, evocam, cam3d and scam. Very few chanels decode...