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    Parabole Reunion EutelSat W2

    Hi Can you send me by mail the adress where you have found this key My adress mail is Thanks in advance
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    Irdeto 2 + Nagravision on the same Decoder

    Hi I'm writing to not for to give u an answer for your question but to demand u How are you doing for decrypt parabole réunion .Which equipement have you to have parabole réunion You can write to me to my Thanks
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    Parabole Re`union on Eutelsat W2

    Hi every body All people who live in indian acean have this problem because parabole Réunion has just update their system. May be only solution to solve this problem is to work together and find a solution together If someone know something about how to hack VCSS 2.3 give your help is very ...
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    metabox block

    Hi I'm a francophone to and i do not understand how exactly to do when you want flsh your metabox .Please can you send more explantion in french to may mail adress ( and send the right file of JTAG because when i finished to downloads it from megaone site ,I can't run the...
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    metabox problem

    Hi Can you send to me the right files JTAG because after i've downloads it ,i can't run the soft.I do't know why My mail is
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    Hi When i finished to downloads JTAG files the software do not work, so can you send the right files to my adress mail because i heve the same problem
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    how to tune a metabox d s r

    HI Ineed some help because when i've just download the metabox update i'v lost all the tps channel Someone can explain me why .
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    Canalsatellite Reunion/Canal+ Reunion

    Hi Sorry for my english because I'm a francophone Just one question How to put seca code into my metabox because the id is not the same like id viaccess You can write to me to my mail adress
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    keys for canalsatellite reunion

    Hi The code that U see in rdi-sat is for TPS Reunion Try it with the frequence of TPS Reunion By the way I live in Near your island and its a big opportunity for us if we exchange our opinion about sattelite reception in indian ocean (in french because I'm not good in the English language So U...
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    how to tune a metabox d s r

    Hi Me too I've just receive a metabox and we have the same problem. If you find a solution,please write to me to my adress Ever let me to tell you that i can receive some chanels of TPS and i've got the code from this adress (