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    Newbie Here Prime focus vs offset dish

    Hello all. I've been a member of this forum for a couple of years now, still learning new things about satellite technology. apologies if this is a very basic question: why are prime focus dish antennas preferred for C-band reception? whereas offset dish antennas for ku-band reception ? are...
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    Advice Needed Norsat C band LNB Vs Get a bigger dish

    Hi team, a complete noob here, I'm working down here in Latin America for a cable company and they need to have some redundancy with their dish farm, but they don't want to invest in larger dishes because the location is not that big where we can put 12 of 5 meters dishes. So the problem is...
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    Inmarsat .. something different

    Its quite a while since I last posted and perhaps like me , C band dish owners may be looking for something different to use their C Band kit on. If , also like me , you have an interest in aviation , you may like to try joining a small group of enthusiasts who are looking at receiving flight...