channel master

  1. Chr0nik

    Trouble aligning a CM dish on a CM polar mount

    Hi, I'm having a issue trying to align my CM 120 with the Channel Master polar mount after moving everything to the roof of the house. The pole is plumb on all 4 sides and but I'm confused on the elevation/declination values I need to setup on the polar mount. For the elevation rod, based on...
  2. G

    Wanted Waveguide for CM

    Hi There Would someone have wave guide for ch dish for sell? Thanks
  3. G

    Looking for CM 2.4

    Hi Does anyone sell CM 2.4m or equivalent? I'm happy to pay for courier pick up.
  4. RimaNTSS

    Fixed mount for Channel Master

    One chap is interested in fixed mount for his Channel Master 1,2m dish. He is willing to install it for one satellite only (at least by now). And this satellite is ~ 24* out of true-South azimuth, so skew of the LNB should be more than 7*. His only request for the mount is that it should be very...
  5. statalite

    Storing a dish

    Probably a silly question or simple awnser but I'm storing my CM 1m as vertically on its side at the moment, I don't know about the previous owner, but I have had it like this for quite a while whilst it's with me, the surface it's leaning on isn't totally flat. Will the fact it's vertical and...
  6. Spiff

    Advice please on Polar Mounts for 1.2 Channel Master kit from Satellite Super Store

    Good afternoon from a misty Mullion Cove Cornwall. Due to high winds and sea salt my diseqc motors last about 12 months, the constant buffering of the winds causing play in the drives, even the latest metal ones. Adjusting helps but as a lot of the wear is in the parked position side on to...