1. S

    New receiver advice

    Hi, Long time satellite enthusiast here. I'm looking to upgrade from the EDISION PRIMO to a 4K receiver. Since I 'm not happy with Edision support, I wish to stay away from them. After much reading I think maybe the Octagon SF8008 mini is the best choice. I want: -4K HDR -H265 -DVB-S2X...
  2. M

    Advice Needed enigma2 namespace

    I watch satellite TV in Spain using OpenSPA firmware on an AZBox Elite HD. As I'm new in this forum I thought, what better way to present myself than asking a question. In enigma2 all satellites / orbital positions seem to have a namespace, e.g. 19.2E: 12582912 23.5E: 15400960 28.2E: 18481152...
  3. A

    Just Sharing This Add Enigma2 streaming to Plex..........

    Install this "bundle" folder (uzipped) in to the plex plugin folder, set permissions acordingly. head over to the plex dashboard, and look for "channels" mine looks like this:- you next need to set the config my vu duo is having some teething issues at the moment.
  4. MCelliotG

    Top Tip T2-MI reception on E2 STB with SDG image - A complete step by step guide

    T2-MI on SatDreamGr images detailed guide/tutorial 1. Introduction T2-MI is a special transmission method where a whole DVB-T2 stream is capped inside a data pid of a satellite transponder that is used to feed a terrestrial DVB-T2 transmitter. Until now, only some selected software was able to...
  5. MCelliotG

    Just Sharing This Zeonbud T2-MI MIS package on 4.8E working on SDG Enigma2 images

    Along with Abertis, SDG images team comes with another implementation, this time for T2-MI. A seamless decapsulation of the three MIS Zeonbud streams on 4.8E was made possible. The philosophy includes a MIS capable card like TBS5925 tuning to the cached pid 4096 of each MIS stream via specially...
  6. MCelliotG

    Just Sharing This TBS 5925 now implemented on Enigma2/mipsel receivers

    We are happy to announce that in our SatDreamGr images we have managed to finally incorporate support for TBS tuners, especially TBS5925 and TBS5980 using Crazycat's work as a base. After a long period of testing, the first receiver fully scanning all Multistream channels and ACM/VCM...