1. M

    Advice Needed enigma2 namespace

    I watch satellite TV in Spain using OpenSPA firmware on an AZBox Elite HD. As I'm new in this forum I thought, what better way to present myself than asking a question. In enigma2 all satellites / orbital positions seem to have a namespace, e.g. 19.2E: 12582912 23.5E: 15400960 28.2E: 18481152...
  2. M

    Firmware update

    I have Openbox S10 HD and would like to hear whether they are any advantage to upgrade Firmware. Or is it waste of time. Do I get more opportunites due to new apps.
  3. saalikofficial

    Help Required Dish Tv Zenega CD-1004iS

    Hello Everyone! I own a Dish Tv's Zenega (Handan) STB bearing model no. Cd-1004iS. The flash id version (flash chip) of my box is V1.56. The current firmwarw which i have flashed over it through a loader is V 1.56 (october,2006l) And , now Iwant the firmware V 1.00 for my STB as this is the...