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    FreeNAS Upgrade......

    I have got another case and 4 x 2 tb hdd’s along with an icy dock. This is the case I will be using: The icy dock allows me to mount 4 3.5” hdd’s in 3 5.25” bays. Plus I have also got a solid state drive to boot from (32gb) More to follow as I haven’t quite got all the parts yet, amazon...
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    Just Sharing This How to update Plex in FreeNAS via the Jail.

    1. Login with SSH to your FreeNAS (or alternatively go to shell in WebGUI) 2. type: 'jls' (without ' ' ) and take the note of the # of jail of your Plex installation 3. type: jexec # (where # is the number of the jail noted in last step) 4. type: fetch -o
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    Just Sharing This FreeNAS 11 Finally Released.

    After several FreeNAS Release Candidates, FreeNAS 11.0 was released today. This version brings new virtualization and object storage features to the World’s Most Popular Open Source Storage Operating System. FreeNAS 11.0 adds bhyve virtual machines to its popular SAN/NAS, jails, and plugins...
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    FreeNAS MK II

    Decided to upgrade my nas setup. So I am going to use a gamer case and power supply, I already have. I have ordered an ASUS N3050m motherboard and celerion dual core cpu. 2x 4GB ddr 3 sticks, 2x sata controller cards, and 4x 2tb Toshiba p300 hdd's. I have 2 2tb drives in my current freenas...