1. E

    Help Required Someone know where i can download echoloader 3.01?

    Im trying update my decoder software and i need this program The model is dsb-646v
  2. P

    Newbie Here Getting started

    Hello! I’ve recently moved into a rented flat with no ‘traditional’ digital aerial. Instead, poking from behind the bookcase are two cables which I think are satellite cables. (Photos included) First question - am I right? Secondly, why are there two of them? I’ve looked at some freesat boxes...
  3. S

    Loop out on satellite receiver

    Hello , Wondering if any one can shine some light on this as it driving me mad!!! I am trying to run a second tv off the loop out of the satellite reciever. I have a picture on my meter but when i connect the cable to the tv arieal I can't get a picture. what do you need to do on the second...
  4. S

    Advice Needed Afflicted with "No Signal"

    Hi everyone, New to here and hoping someone can help… About a I've had a Satellite Dish up and running for about 6 or so years (SkyHD for the first 4 or so and FreeSat HD for the rest of the time) it's always worked perfectly but I had noticed it was pretty rusty this summer and would probably...
  5. David Connolly

    Newbie Here Satellite Setup Help

    Hi there, first time posting on the forum so sorry if this is in the wrong section! I've recently moved into a new house, and setup my satellite upon arrival. - 60cm Sky Dish - Vu+ Reciever - Zinwell Single LNB Up until monday it was working perfectly, 99% Signal Strength with around 80-90%...