manhattan signal failure.

  1. R

    Main Freesat Transponder Not Found

    I've recently moved in to a house (rented) and realised it did not have an aerial, but a satellite dish. A twin cable labeled Sky comes into the area where our TV is. Doing a bit of reading it seemed like we needed to buy a Freesat box, so I did (Manhattan SX). When I went to set this us, I...
  2. M

    Intermittent loss of signal

    I have a problem with the intermittent loss of signal on my two receivers. We live in South West France. The setup I have is a 90cm generic dish, with a Vlaanderen DuoLNB with four outputs. Those outputs feed a Manhattan Freesat + recorder and a Freesat 4K recorder. The LNB is either Belgian or...
  3. Annemarie Fleming


    My Manhattan freesat box seems to work fine with the satellite dish in normal mode. BUT....when I attempted to delete a radio channel it froze, then when I turned the box off and on again (hoping to clear it) the signal has disappeared completely. I tried to go to freesat set-up menu, but all I...