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    Tv registers 154 channels but no signal on any channel

    Hi, I'm new to this satellite setup and I'm trying to get Freesat with a standard Sky dish and LNB and an LG TV with a satellite input. I set up the dish using a Satlink WS-6933 finder and I set the unit up to detect the Astra 2 satllite but the first problem I encountered was I could get 99%...
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    Help Required No Signal on Freesat Setup

    Hi, I have an LG 43UJ634V, which has an inbuilt FreeSat Tuner. I had a Satellite set up, that is pointed in the correct direction, as it was working for previous tenants, and I have checked the directions using DishPointer. The LNB (not sure if this is correct) goes from the satellite through...
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    Advice Needed Afflicted with "No Signal"

    Hi everyone, New to here and hoping someone can help… About a I've had a Satellite Dish up and running for about 6 or so years (SkyHD for the first 4 or so and FreeSat HD for the rest of the time) it's always worked perfectly but I had noticed it was pretty rusty this summer and would probably...
  4. statalite

    Help Required Dr HD D15 signal issue

    Hi, I hope I have posted in the correct section. I aquired a Dr HD from fellow forum member Scopus recently, he showed me a working reciever in the short time I was there and all was well. When I got home I used the reciever for a few hours, enjoyed how it functioned did a few scans and after...