no signal

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    FreeSat no signal on any channels

    Last night everything was fine This morning, no signal on either Sat input, on any channels No strong wind or rain in Ealing, London no changes to the box, cables unchanged is it just me?
  2. A

    Tv registers 154 channels but no signal on any channel

    Hi, I'm new to this satellite setup and I'm trying to get Freesat with a standard Sky dish and LNB and an LG TV with a satellite input. I set up the dish using a Satlink WS-6933 finder and I set the unit up to detect the Astra 2 satllite but the first problem I encountered was I could get 99%...
  3. A

    Help Required No Signal on Freesat Setup

    Hi, I have an LG 43UJ634V, which has an inbuilt FreeSat Tuner. I had a Satellite set up, that is pointed in the correct direction, as it was working for previous tenants, and I have checked the directions using DishPointer. The LNB (not sure if this is correct) goes from the satellite through...
  4. S

    Advice Needed Afflicted with "No Signal"

    Hi everyone, New to here and hoping someone can help… About a I've had a Satellite Dish up and running for about 6 or so years (SkyHD for the first 4 or so and FreeSat HD for the rest of the time) it's always worked perfectly but I had noticed it was pretty rusty this summer and would probably...
  5. statalite

    Help Required Dr HD D15 signal issue

    Hi, I hope I have posted in the correct section. I aquired a Dr HD from fellow forum member Scopus recently, he showed me a working reciever in the short time I was there and all was well. When I got home I used the reciever for a few hours, enjoyed how it functioned did a few scans and after...