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  1. Chris1979

    Motek H2H and Gibertini 1.5 install.

    Took down the 1.5 dish from the polar mount yesterday, finally got around to drilling the back plate so I can bolt the two halfs together. I need to pick up some longer bolts, the back plate took some drilling but I got it done :) Hopefully I will have some photos for you tomorrow.
  2. Chris1979

    Nearer to textbook, my Gibertini 1.5

    fot quite some time now I have not been able to set my dish up to textbooks figures. Well finally I have managed to get it very near textbook :) only had an hour late last night to tweek it, and I will try and get it spot on as soon as I can. 3°w is my zenith satellite. I used 1°w as my set up...