polar mount

  1. Chr0nik

    Trouble aligning a CM dish on a CM polar mount

    Hi, I'm having a issue trying to align my CM 120 with the Channel Master polar mount after moving everything to the roof of the house. The pole is plumb on all 4 sides and but I'm confused on the elevation/declination values I need to setup on the polar mount. For the elevation rod, based on...
  2. meikel

    Help Required Raven 1.8m with polar mount to recommend? Someone experience?

    Hello, sorry for my bad english. After I optimized my 1.8m prodelin antenna ... I am still looking for one in the size. I would like to buy a Raven 1.8m with polar mount. Does anyone have experience with it? What is the quality of the polar mount? Stability? In wind, for example. And how...
  3. zorrin

    3 axes DiSEqC solution

    Hi everybody, i just thinking about this kind of installation. This is just an idéa and already some problems turn in my mind. First, some of you will say that a polar mount can do the job... Ok but this is just more exciting i think, no ? As you can see the idea is to use normal DiSEqC...