1. alifaraji

    SATLINK WS-6908 Monitor Problem :(

    Hi guys, my friend sent to me an update ssu and bin file for SATLINK WS-6908. after update i have problem with device monitor, when turn on my device monitor showing red, white, green... colors like android RGB test. i need last firmware ssu file and loader file for install monitor drivers on my...
  2. S

    Satlink WS6916

    Is there any member with experience on satlink ws6916 satellite meter firmware upgrade or even loading satellite file. i have bought this meter and now running around crazy because it came with European firmware with European satellites with no support from manufacturer. I'm in US and need US...
  3. sakiskom

    Satlink WS 6980 HD

    Hi guys, i want to buy Satlink 6980 HD but i can't find if can i move channels on the basic "ALL" list. E.g from number 0260 to number 0001. The manual don't write anything about that. Videos on youtube don't show this option. Anyone knows if this option exist? Not do this on a computer, but...