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    Advice Needed Building a server for Tvheadend.....

    Over the last couple of days I have been building a machine from parts I have around here. Got the machine built, Ubuntu installed, went to plugin in my Sky Star 2 HD pci-e card and found it’s not Linux compatible. So now I need to find a Linux compatible sat card, I want twin dvb-s2 and twin...
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    VRS - Splats

    Made a major change today, I ran some new coax into the garage for the Pi and pre-amp, the coax length is now 5-7 meters instead of 20+ meters. The splat is only a couple of hours old. Already seen a big difference I would say I have added a good 50nm +
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    FreeNAS MK II

    Decided to upgrade my nas setup. So I am going to use a gamer case and power supply, I already have. I have ordered an ASUS N3050m motherboard and celerion dual core cpu. 2x 4GB ddr 3 sticks, 2x sata controller cards, and 4x 2tb Toshiba p300 hdd's. I have 2 2tb drives in my current freenas...