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    Just Sharing This Add Enigma2 streaming to Plex..........

    Install this "bundle" folder (uzipped) in to the plex plugin folder, set permissions acordingly. head over to the plex dashboard, and look for "channels" mine looks like this:- you next need to set the config my vu duo is having some teething issues at the moment.
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    Advice Needed SiliconDust HDHomeRun CONNECT 2-Tuner DVB-T, DVB-T2 DLNA Compatible Streaming Media Player, HDHR4-2D

    has anyone got one? If so what are they like? They are listed in the plex supported devices, so hopefully it will integrate with plex. That's my hope.
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    Just Sharing This Kodi will not stop users from streaming pirated content despite EU Court ruling

    Kodi will not actively stop users of its software from streaming pirated content. The European Court of Justice recently ruled that streaming pirated content is illegal in a landmark ruling last month. However, Kodi has since said it will not “police” its software and stands by its neutral...