1. S

    Blindscan so slow with tbs 5925 and ebspro

    I am sure it use to be quicker or rmaybe I am thinking of my Prof 7500 but it takes an age to search these days....
  2. MCelliotG

    Top Tip T2-MI reception on E2 STB with SDG image - A complete step by step guide

    T2-MI on SatDreamGr images detailed guide/tutorial 1. Introduction T2-MI is a special transmission method where a whole DVB-T2 stream is capped inside a data pid of a satellite transponder that is used to feed a terrestrial DVB-T2 transmitter. Until now, only some selected software was able to...
  3. MCelliotG

    Just Sharing This Zeonbud T2-MI MIS package on 4.8E working on SDG Enigma2 images

    Along with Abertis, SDG images team comes with another implementation, this time for T2-MI. A seamless decapsulation of the three MIS Zeonbud streams on 4.8E was made possible. The philosophy includes a MIS capable card like TBS5925 tuning to the cached pid 4096 of each MIS stream via specially...
  4. MCelliotG

    Just Sharing This TBS 5925 now implemented on Enigma2/mipsel receivers

    We are happy to announce that in our SatDreamGr images we have managed to finally incorporate support for TBS tuners, especially TBS5925 and TBS5980 using Crazycat's work as a base. After a long period of testing, the first receiver fully scanning all Multistream channels and ACM/VCM...