1. K

    Which receiver should I go for?

    Hello. I've been having trouble finding a receiver that fits the bill. My priorities are: - 1 Local TV antenna input - 1 Satellite coax input - 1 HDMI slot - 1 USB-A slot - A way to get Tivùsat card working (with or without a CI CAM) - A CI slot to plug in a Kabelio CAM - Ideally bellow 150...
  2. K

    Trouble getting Tivùsat working alongside Kabelio on an Edision receiver

    Hello everyone. I have what is probably a strange set-up, which has suited my needs well. I live in a small flat and wanted lots of languages. I have a rectangular Selfsat satellite I installed on the roof, aimed at Hotbird 13. I lead the coax through to an Edision Piccollo 3-in-1 receiver...
  3. cielobuio

    Dual LNB ok Astra2/Hotbird - but not for all channels

    Hi, I had a 60cm dish with dual LNB for Astra-2 and Hotbird. I have an Italian Tivusat card in one of my three receivers, which was working fine for both LNBs. We use Hotbird only for Italian TV channels. We use Astra-2 for FreeSat channels only. A while back, some channels disappeared from...